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Today, it is virtually impossible for anyone to go through a day without coming into contact with scores of different toxic substances. While many of these substances pose little or no threat to your health because of the short duration of exposure or the low concentration of the toxin involved, others pose serious health hazards because of their long-term effects or their extreme toxicity.

No place is ever free of all toxic substances since almost every home, office, motor vehicle, hotel, public conveyance, restaurant, theatre, store, and school has one or more toxins present. Most drinking water and soil can contain any number of toxins. In one way or another, many of these substances have been responsible for personal injury litigation.

Some toxic dangers in the  work place include : silica, asbestos, welding fumes, beryllium, anvil, arsenic, and organic solvents.

Homes may contain one or more of the following: toxic mold, radon, pyrethrins, phthalates, lead, lead paint, aluminum, teflon, pesticides and detergents, and vinyl.

Other toxic substances to be concerned about are: benzene; tanning salons, mercury, exhaust fumes, and the industrial solvent 1,4-Butanediol.



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