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The construction industry is extremely dangerous with workers being exposed to hazardous conditions on an ongoing basis during most major building, renovation, demolition, and excavation projects. Many times, employers fail to provide required safety equipment forcing workers to labor under unsafe conditions thereby risking injury or death in order to keep their jobs.

Since construction workers are often at a disadvantage when it comes to protecting themselves, New York and most other states have passed laws that are specifically designed to provide added protection for such workers.

This includes those engaged in the  erection, demolition, renovation, and alteration of different types of structures; excavation work, window washing; work being done in open shaftways, work on elevated worksites or where there are overhead dangers posed by cranes, hoists, or construction materials.

Pedestrians and others passing by worksites may also be injured or killed as a result of the failure to utilize proper safety equipment to secure a construction site. Shoddy construction site practices have resulted in injury and death to workers and civilians from such things as falling materials or the collapse of massive construction cranes.

We are especially proud of our track record in obtaining many favorable results for our clients in this type of case.



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