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Dear Jerry, Andy, and Arnold,

How do I thank all of you for making the impossible happen. When my family first learned about how...[our daughter’s killer] out of prison, we went to several law firms. Most of them told us that the case was “unwinable.”...Then we found Parker & Waichman. Jerry [Parker], the only way I can describe our first impression of you was that you were a “bulldog.” ...You took on and welcomed the challenge of an “impossible” case... When we reached the trial stage, Andy [Alonso] took over. Andy, you were amazing. You explained everything to us, not once, but time and again. You advised us as to the best course to follow and always made us feel that we could come to you with any question (and there were many)... Arnold [DiJoseph], while we didn’t get to know you as well as we got to know Jerry and Andy, not to also thank you would be unthinkable. You got us through the appeals. Without your expertise, we would not be celebrating today....Words are inadequate to express our gratitude. The loss we suffered was an unimaginable tragedy and no amount of money can bring Michelle back. But there is comfort in knowing that she was able to leave something very substantial for her boys... As Laura said to me just this morning – because of all ...[your] hard work, Michelle is able to give her children a wonderful gift.

Very sincerely, L. S.

Dear Arnold,

We cannot express how much your kind and compassionate representation has meant to us during our adoption proceeding. Although it was a long and complicated process, you were always there for us and kept us fully informed of everything that was going on. Now that we are a family, we will always remember that it was you that made it possible.

Sincerely, F.D. & M.D.


Thank you for all you have done for me and my family. After I was paralyzed, I had given up hope. You stood by me as more than just my attorney, you were a true friend. I can never thank you enough.



Dear Arnold,

If it had not been for you, our adoption may never have taken place. Your encouragement and refusal to have us give up even when the process became overwhelming kept us going. We know that your personal experience with adoptions allowed you to know what we were going through and that made all the difference.

Warmest regards, P & L

Dear Arnold,

We have had relationships with many law firms over the last 15 years and for the last 5 years have exclusively utilized...[your] services. These are some of the reasons we have chosen to use your firm. They are very knowledgeable in their field and work very hard researching all aspects. This is the only law firm that we have used that will provide prompt, courteous service. They have an excellent rapport and always provide 110% effort in dealing with our clients. Last, they are extremely trustworthy, and we have always been able to count on them.

Sincerely, J.J.C., ChFC

Dear Arnold,

We are certain that no other appellate attorney would have achieved the same incredible result for us with respect to this very complicated appeal.

All the best, A.F.

Dear Arnold,

There are few attorneys who would have gone through the numerous legal procedures we had to endure at great financial risk to yourself in order to obtain the positive result you achieved in our case.

A.C. & P.C.



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